SUPER A8 Carbon Composite Tennis Racket


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  • Brand: FANGCAN
  • Mold: SUPER A8
  • Material: CarbonAluminum
  • Head Size: 102
  • String Pattern: 19 X 16
  • String Tension: 50-55 RA
  • Weight (unstring): (320 +/- 5)g
  • Balance (unstring): (330 +/- 5)mm
  • Length: 27  inches
  • Grips Size: G2#
  • Grips Material: PU
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  • Material: Using the newest T-700 developed in Germany to strength and enhance the frame, to make its force even. Compared with the similar racket, its intensity and durable are improved a lot. It spans the life for the usage of the racket a lot. And the carbon composite racket in one piece construction are specially suit for the beginners.
  • Taiwan imported bumper set: The bumper set is imported from Taiwan, buying from the big factories, which makes the quality pure and more assurance. More durable than the similar products, and it protects the racket frame and racket string to its maxinum extend. It protects the racket’s playablity, spaning its life and makes you feel free every time when you swing the racket.
  • Germany imported original painting: Introduce the Germany branded painting, the good adhesive makes the racket more durable than the similar product. It protects the inside construction for the racket to its large extend. Maintain the playablity for the rackets, extend its life. The color is bright and it’s non-toxic and environment friendly.
  • Anti-skip and sweat-absorption grip: Uphold the harmonious  nature sports spirit, selected the non-toxic polyester and PU,  the good feeling grip not only sweat-absorption but also shock-absorption. The usage of the grip reduces the injury during sports and offers players a comfortable competition feeling.
  • Selected coating silver end-cap: The coating silver logo endcap, combined with the 3D vision, the quality is intensity and the appreance is attractive.  It not only shows the sports spirit but also shows the high quality as a brand.

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Weight 3500 g
Dimensions 72 × 24 × 5 cm


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