NANO RAY 9900 Full Carbon Badminton Racket


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Brand Name: FANGCAN

Item No.:NANO RAY 9900

Frame composition: 100% Graphite

Weight:3U (84±2g)

Length: 675±2mm

Balance: 290±5mm

String tension: ≤24 LBS

Level: Pro/Defense

Packing: One stringed racket without cover into an OPP bag

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Why choose NANO RAY 9900 ?

  • Frame composition: The racket was made of ultra rigid carbon fibers with higher strength and rigidity.It is good for racket to bear the high pounds pressure  and increase the offensive coefficient effectively. The advanced technology reinfored the control of frame and then strengthened the performance and hitting feeling.
  • Breaking wind frame constructure: Wind structure lowers 10.5% drag co-efficient, speeds up swing and improves 4.8% speed of shuttle flight. It could bring  fierce smash.
  • Nano Titanium Technology: The superb technology provides the maximum resilience force when the racket hitting.By using the mental memory could stabilize the racket from shocking and brings a quick second stroke.
  • High-tech light vibration damping material: Using vibration damping material to fill the frame, the capability of shock absoption enhanced significantly.It’s better to reduce the sport injury.

Additional information

Weight 2500 g
Dimensions 72 × 24 × 5 cm


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