FCY-02 PVC Yoga Mats (1830 X 610 X 8mm)


  • Brand: FANGCAN
  • Item No.: FCY-02
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 1830 X 610 X 8mm
  • Color available: Green, Navy Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange
  • Packing: One piece with a hair buckle and a bag
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  • International standard size: 173*61*0.6cm, suitable for people under 170cm to use. 0.6cm thick design, suitable for yoga novices. The thick of 8mm is the most commonly use.
  • Lengthen and thicken size: 183*61*0.8cm , the design of lengthen yoga mat can fit for different users. Help you to do free extension when you are doing yoga or exercise.
  • Usage: Outdoor camping: Having an outdoor camping with your family on weekends, and enjoying the happiness of the nature. The thicken yoga mat can help you feel more relax and have a pleasant holiday.
  • In the modern life, more and more people are in a sub-health condition. Doing yoga can help you change the condition of sub-health.
  • The action of yoga is in connection with abdomen, back, waistand so on, and when you are doing it with rhythmic breathing to make muscle massage and relax, it can eliminate your fat.
  • Calm the nerves: The action of yoga can help you to relax, eliminated fatigue, relieve stress and improve sleep.
  • Regulate physiological: Yoga emphasizes on various of organs of body. By means of doing Asana and Pramayama can have a great effect of physical fitness.
  • Doing yoga can make the mental state of positive emotions naturally present. Meanwhile, it can enhance the body resisitance.

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