FCS-SP Water Duck Feather Shuttlecock



Product: shuttlecock

Item: FCS-SP

Head: 2 Layers Cork Head

Feather: Water Duck Feather

Speed: 77

Package: 1 tube shuttlecock (3pcs/tube)

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Why choose FCS-SP ?

  • Water duck feather: Thick feather, sturdy feather stick are not so easy broken. It’s suitable for beginner in recreational game.
  • 2 Layers Cork Head: Adopted 2 Layers Cork Head, it has good flexibility and durability. The material ensures the accuracy of placement.
  • Imported glue: Exquisite glue has good stickiness. It could cling each feather and enhance the hit degree.
  • Very high density coil: Fine workmanship coil made the shuttlecock looks beautiful and neat.

Additional information

Weight 10 g


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