OUR HOME Composite Badminton Racket


  • Item: Our home
  • Construction: Composite
  • Material: Racket frame made of steel and shaft made of carbon
  • Weight: (95+/-5)g
  • Balance: (280+/-10)mm
  • String tension: <=20 lbs
  • Length: (670+/-5)mm
  • Color: Pink, Fluorescent Yellow
  • Package: One stringed racket without cover into an OPP bag
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  • Reinforced carbon composite material. Used the latest technology to reinforce and strengthen the frame, which make the frame force even, and increase its own strength. Compare to the same level rackets, this racket increased the durability greatly. The durability is 2 to 3 times higher than similar rackets.
  • Nano woven carbon, 7.0 high-strength carbon shaft and perfect weight and balance. The technical parameters is obtained by more than 200 players test data and more than 50 adjustments, combining with the human body mechanics. At last making the action more quickly swing.
  • Germany imports original painting. The introduction of Germany BADF brand painting, its good adhesion, toughness and its durable is more practical than similar products, which protect the internal carbon fiber structure to its maximum . In this way, to maintain the racket performance and extend its life.
  • German original secondary molding grommetsGerman manufacturers, direct delivery, better quality and more pure than the average grommet exceed 20 times of the service life, well-designed only for you who have athletic spirit. Long nails, deeper trough, which adequate protect the string, so that every time you swing the racket, it can show your enchantment well.
  • Laser endcapSilver embossed design, strong quality, shape and imaginative grasp the spirit of the sport but also did not forget to show your honorable temperament.

Additional information

Weight 2500 g
Dimensions 72 × 24 × 5 cm



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