FCS-07 Goose Feather Tournament Shuttlecock


Product: Goose shuttlecock
Mold: FCS-07
Feather: goose feather
Speed: 76/77
Cork:   3 layers cork head, the upper and  the lower are cork wood
              the middle is shattered cork wood
Glue: environmental friendly glue
Packing: 12 pcs/tube
Feather: stable, resistance, speedy
Level: for competition, for middle-high level players, for club players
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  • Recommended reason: It is a universal and valuer shuttlecock. For the beginners, it can improve the playing skills, easy to use. Fangcan 02 training shuttlecock is both durable and cost-effeciency; for the medium players, it is a good training shuttlecock, for the senior players, it is a good warm up shuttlecock.
  • Kindly reminder: As the feather for the shuttlecock is easy to break  down, so we need to change it frequently. It would be a huge cost for the fans who do not have a high income. So the experts suggest that before playing, we can use the steam or hot water to steam the shuttlecock for about 30 seconds, in this way, the shuttlecock can expand 30% lifespan.

Additional information

Weight 30 g

76, 77


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