FCA-01 Training Squash Ball


  • Product: FANGCAN Squash ball
  • Mold: FCA-01 (PU ball)
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Grade: A
  • Material: Non-toxic, Senior PU
  • Level: Training ball, for beginner
  • Color: Orange, Blue
  • Note: Feel like sponge
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Introduction for squash ball:

  • As per the different speed for the squash ball, it can be devided into one blue dot (fast speed-for training) and double yellow dot (slow speed-for competition) and the PU ball for the beginners.
  • The squash ball is filled with inert gas, when the ball is hitting, the gas would be inflated because of the friction, and the speed can be upto 15 kilo/hour. The speed is just a little lower than the king of speed-badminton. Squash is a speed and fierce sport.
  • PU ball: Suit for the beginner and children. Not easy to be injuiry in sport.
  • One blue dot: For beginner, the flexiblity is large.
  • Double blue dot: Competition ball, small flexiblity. Approved by WSF (World Squash Federation).

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