Two- piece Optic - Series for 100% Graphite badminton racket

Two- piece Optic

Two-piece optic is a technic usually used in high-end badminton rackets. It is a technic that forging the frame and the shaft seperately, and then joining them together. However, the sign is invisible after the painting processing. Here is the advantage of the two-piece optic rackets:

Thanks to the feature that the frame and the shaft can be made seperatedly, the shaft can be braid and bonding by multi-layer carbon yarns in different angles. According to the layers of the carbon yarn and the braid angles, all the parts of the elasticity, flexiblity, torque and string tensions and so on can be controled. 


The badminton rackets with the technology, item list as follows:


FANGCAN - 2012

    [DARKNESS KING 4.2] 100% Graphite one piece badminton racket


Two- piece Optic

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