About Football scarf and Soccer scarf

Football scarf and Soccer scarfFootball scarf and Soccer scarf

Soccer scarf, the essential of clothing which sets soccer fans apart from any other group of fans, has a storied tradition of being the badge of honor for soccer fans all over the world. The tradition of wearing a scarf to football started in England over a century ago.  Fans would wear scarves of the color of their team, and the practice quickly spread to Europe and then the rest of the world.

Besides the ball, the scarf is the most recognized icon shared by football cultures around the globe. From Manchester United to the Argentina National Team, now you too can share in the pride and tradition by designing custom soccer scarves for your club.

By wearing a scarf, you let other soccer fans know that you get it.  By getting it, it means you dont need a noise meter on the scoreboard to make it look like the crowd is into the game coming in from the commercial.  It means you are there to support your team. It means you understand why there arent 100 shots on net a game.  It means you know the entire game is important, not just the fouth quarter or the last inning.  Basically, it means you get, love, and support soccer, a far cry from the McFandom that has crept into the rest of sports and tried to running our game.

Besides the reasons for wearing them above, scarves can be fantastic TIFO displays.  Before and after the game, you should hold your scarf up high above your head to show your pride in your club.  This has become the universal sign of solidarity supporters have with their club.

So if you dont have one already, get one, get extras.  Give them to friends you bring to games.  Sometimes, it is us against them.  The more on our side, the better.


World Cup Scarves

World Cup Scarves
Any soccer national team, which is about to play the World Cup in South Africa 2010 and to try to make it to the final stages, is carrying thousands of local and worldwide fans. These fans are part of the team and as evidence; they are buying the World Cup scarves in millions.

The design of the World Cup scarves, each of them, is something special. The companies which manufacture these scarves for the South Africa World Cup in 2010 know that there are too many kinds of customers for each team; therefore they are making different scarves per team. Among the other fans gear like jerseys, hats and bags, the scarves are must product, since every soccer team has at least one popular song, where the scarf is part of the song.

For each team, there is the national scarf, design in its colors and logo of the soccer association. For the World Cup, there are scarves per group, means the national team on one side of the scarf and the other three national teams in the group in the other side of the scarf. There are also World Cup scarves per game, one side your team, the other side the other team, with the date and the stadium the game is taking place. There are also World Cup national teams scarves per player, well, the best ones only. So you can buy World Cup Brazilian scarf with the Brazilian flag and logo on one side and Kakas picture and number on the other side.

Millions of World Cup scarves were made for the World Cup 2010 South Africa and the fans to arrive to the World Cup games, will have special prices for them all. If you have slogan for your team, you might find it on the World Cup scarves as well, the fans are the motor behind this industry.


Africa World Cup 2010

Africa World Cup 2010

The Soccer World Cup 2010 occurs every four years, and 2010 is the 19th official occurrence of this massive event. In that year the World Cup is also is enjoying a first for the series because the final tournament is to be held in South Africa. This is the very first time in FIFA history that any African nation has hosted the prestigious event.

Because Italy won the last World Cup Tournament they are the defending champions. Remarkably, the competition is so popular that an expected one billion-plus fan from around the world will tune into the month of competition. The one hundred and sixty national teams will compete in an array of qualifying rounds before they are narrowed down to the final thirty-two headed to the World Cup, although South Africas team is automatically included due to the fact that it is the host country.

The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has been active since the 1930s, but the popularity of soccer or football has increased dramatically since that time, and now the FIFA governing body can really be viewed in terms of a global organization.

Because this is the first time that an African nation has hosted the event, the South Africa world cup 2010 team has made special efforts on the design of their teams jerseys. The Bafana 2010 FIFA World Cup jersey was a collaborative project that required over two years of work between the German and South African teams and it depicts the South African national flag and some unique artwork.

The nations government has already put many major security initiatives into effect, and the countrys Justice and Constitutional Development Minister, Jeff Radebe has publicly declared all international visitors and the many soccer teams to be completely assured of their safety.

World Cup 2010 logo


World Cup 2010 logo
Like every major event and especially sport event, there are millions of eyes from all over the world looking at it. This event in summer 2010, the World Cup 2010 in South African is the major soccer event in the world and as such, it must have a logo. When you look at the World Cup 2010 logo, you immediately feel the power of the games, the excitement and the motion around the World Cup; this is what it is trying to say when you look at the World Cup 2010 logo.

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