Badminton string

FANGCAN Badminton String

Features of material
Carbon Nanofiber construction with four times more elasticity than carbon nanotube, in combination with a high-strength nanofiber coating minimizes notching of the string at intersecting points. This construction archives high durability and high repulsion power.


Carbon  Nanofiber
Carbon Nanofiber construction with four times more elasticity than carbon nanotube. An original Carbon nanofiber that gives powerful repulsion combined with high durability.


Vectran wraps which is 14% stronger then Kevlar.  Vectran wraps multi-filament core create this futuristic string with good durability for highly responsive and powerful string with a soft feel.


Hydro Titanium
Compound titanium hydride coating provides not only sharp feel at impact but durability.


Multi Filament
A super-fine diameter, high durability and a soft feel on impact.

Specfication of gauge
The Gauge of strings plays an important role in the impact perfomance and balance point.Generally speaking, The thinner gauge of string (the gauge?0.70mm) provides a soft feel and great performance on impact ; the thicker gauge of string (the gauge?0.70mm) creates high durability and strong control.

1. 0.65 mm / 0.66 mm
2. 0.68 mm / 0.69 mm
3. 0.70 mm / 0.72 mm
4. 0.75 mm / 0.80 mm

Length / packing method
1. 10 Meter/ strip , 1 pc/ roll into a opp bag
2. 100 Meter/ strip , 1 pc/ roll into a opp bag
3. 100 Meter/ strip , 1 pc/ roll into PVC packing
4. 200 Meter/ strip , 1 pc/ roll into a opp bag
5. 200 Meter/ strip , 1 pc/ roll into PVC packing
6. OEM

Description of Features
1. An original Carbon Nanofiber achieves great repulsion united to high durability. Suited for the players who are looking for resilience to increase the speed and durability for longer lasting string.
2. The braided oval shaped fiber construction provides superior tension-holding properties while providing a solid feel. Designed for hard hitters.
3. High-quality hydro titanium gives it high-power repulsion and excellent shock-damping performance. It is the ideal string for high-tension stringing and aggressive tournament play.
4. The 0.70mm and special braided fiber reduces string abrasion providing extreme durability. Its all-around performance is highly trusted by worlds top players.
5. This gauge string which is made of an advanced high-modulus Vectran fiber and multi braided outer creates ultimate repulsion power with a sharp touch.
6. Compound titanium hydride coating and 0.68mm string provides not only a clear sound at impact but also a sharp and comfortable feel. Designed for control players.
7. Combined by a high-modulus Vectran fiber with the braided oval shaped fiber, the ultra-thin gauge gives players greater power for smashes.
8. With a combination of thin,highly intensive nylon multi filament core and wrapped braided fibers with original coating. the 0.66mm creates sharp feeling and metallic hitting sound on impact, and provides great shock absorption and outstanding feel. It realizes economical price.


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