The quality of bedding sets products


Differentiate the quality of bedding sets products
(1) Shrinkage of materials: All materials have shrinking problem, and different materials have different shrinking rate, and the country has the relevant grade standard. For example, if classified by the material: Polyester Cotton enjoys the least shrinking rate, followed by the entire cotton while the color weaves cotton has the largest shrinking rate.
Materials are all checked by the Chinese National Standards of the top-quality goods. Moreover, materials with large shrinking rates are expanded in advance to make sure that the dimension is controlled within country top-quality goods standard after water scrubbing:
Entire cotton: the length is controlled within 4% and the width is within 3%. That is, if a 200X300 quit cover shrink into 194X221 after wash, it is belong to the standard range.
Color weaves cotton: both the length and the width of the cloth is controlled within 5%.

(2) Fading: The color of materials changed after wash is called discolor, contaminating on other colors is called color stain.
The materials from my company are checked by the national top-quality goods standard, and discolor and color stain both amount to 3 or 4 grades.
Note: (Basically, no differences among grade 1 to grade 5, and the fifth grade is the best.)
(3) Aberration: Industry standards require that the same piece aberration should not be lower than 3 to 4 grades, the piece from piece differences should not be lower than 3 grades.

(4) Color sustains after friction: Some color will fade after friction because of the dyestuff problem. The national top-quality goods standard regulate that friction is above 2 or 3 grades, while the wet friction is above 1 or 2 grades.

(5) Material defects: The industry standards allow two places of light dirty within 5 centimeters.

(6) Processes handicraft: Gleam trace: products from my company are delicate, smooth, without any needle eyes, and the distance between needles in flat crack pieces is 10 to 12 injections in 3 centimeters. However, false products have longer wired traces, more obvious needle eyes, and uneven dense gleam trace.

(7) Picture pattern: the picture should be entire and coincident while choosing bedclothes; such as the pictures should be symmetric from the left to the right, the pictures on the outside and the inside should not be reversed; streak should be to streak and lattice to lattice.

(8) Quilting: Pictures should be entire; trajectory should be fluent, cloth should be smooth without cockles, and cracks must strike 0 in the edge. Five to one centimeters return to the needle.

(9) Cognition method of length measurement: measure from one quarter or three quarters of both sides and both ends.

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