A Brief Introduction to Fangcan's Football

Football in modern time
Together with 20 pieces of pentagon and 12pieces of hexagon, there are 32pieces in total switched by cotton string. So far, the football has developed into new model with 16 pieces.

FANGCAN Football

Physical features
1. Excellent flexibility and no plasticizers, oil-resistance, weather-resistance, abrasion-resistance, and tear-resistance;
2. High tension strength, and durability of long-term compression but low rate of deformation, low gentle and good toughness are significant advantages of TPU.
3. ADIDAS certified that factories worldwide are licensed to use the TPU product.
4. TPU Football is currently environmental-friendly materials and conforms to European standards for environmental protection.

Technologic characteristics
1. with the basic characteristics of abrasion-resistant and waterproof wearable football,
2. Special surface of high-density skill and the strengthening material of multi-layered structure materials.
3. The precious cut for the formation of a perfect spherical shape, the exceptional appearance and flight without shaking, and that is why it has the best control.
4. Abrasion-resistant synthetic leather, high-elastic enhancing material for multi-process, for general football games.

Heat-bonding technology
The football using Heat-bonding technology is the most elaborate one?which is characterized by seamless surface, dynamic balance, etc.
The technology is to mold the ball by hydraulic machine, and then through heating and adhering keeps it round; reduce the weight and has the feature of waterproof and also, it reduces the resistance of flight.
Heating-bonding technology replaces the traditional sewing techniques, and fundamentally prevents the possibility of deformation from happening due to abrasion or soaking in water. In the manufacturing process, the ball was put into the bowl-like model which is near perfect sphere. By heating for three minutes, chemical reaction takes effect among multi-layer structure in the bladder, the genuine leather and polyethylene spherical urethane coating, and then it forms the entire football by a one-time seal.


Editor: Pikachu Chen

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